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Wear them out without wearing them out

Introducing our new cleaning service for shoes and handbags

Regal Drycleaners are experts in caring for textiles, and it would be a shame to let our skills and knowledge go to waste on traditional garments only.

After years of customer requests for accessory cleaning, Regal have introduced our hand-finished handbag and shoe cleaning service.

Bags and shoes, of all kinds, can be brought into Regal for aftercare. Our specialists are experienced at dealing with all kind of leathers and fabrics, contrasting colours, and high-end brands, meaning we are well-equipped to care for a wide variety of handbags and shoes. Bags include all handbags and purses, and shoes include all sneakers, boots, heels and more.

Each accessory is individually assessed by our team of specialists to determine the most suitable cleaning method, and cleaning will be done entirely by hand for a meticulous hand-finished result.

Now you can wear your handbags and shoes to their full potential without worrying about wearing them out…

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We do it all

Our wide range of specialist services covers all of your garment care needs.

We take special care of your clothing using only the most gentle, textile-friendly and eco-friendly methods and procedures. Regal’s strictly applied quality control standards ensure the highest quality garment care. Our methods and procedures ensure your clothes look their best and last longer.

Regal Care

Our standard drycleaning service using eco-friendly cleaning solutions and specialist stain removal.

Casual Care

Our new premium wash, dry and fold laundry service for casual garments – a flat rate of $6.50 per item.

Couture Care

Our specialist hand-finished service tailored to suit the needs of delicate and designer wear.Read More »


Our eco-friendly cleaning service for households, cushions, linen, bedding and more.

Shirt Laundry

Cotton and polycotton shirts laundered, starched and pressed for $6.95 per shirt.


No more nasties! Our soft toy cleaning service means you can be confident your child’s special friend is nasty-free.

Repairs & Alterations

Specialist couture-quality repairs and alterations meaning your clothes will look great and fit beautifully too.


Specialist bridal service including individual assessment, testing and hand-finished cleaning and pressing to restore your gown after the big day!Read More »

Leather & Suede

Our in-house leather specialist provides our customers a full testing and hand-finished cleaning service for leather and suede.
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