Footwear cleaning.

footwear restoration

Putting 40 years of expertise to good use, we launched our hand-finished shoe cleaning service for customers in New Zealand.

After all, we’re experts in caring for quality garments. It would be a shame to let our skills and knowledge go to waste on clothing alone.

Shoes of all kinds can be brought into Regal for aftercare service. Our specialists are experienced in dealing with all kinds of leathers, fabrics, embellishments, metals, contrasting colours, and high-end brands. So, we are well-equipped to care for a wide variety of footwear, including sneakers, boots, heels and more.

Each pair is individually assessed by our team of specialists to determine the most suitable cleaning method. Cleaning is done entirely by hand for a meticulous, high-quality finish.

Now you can wear your shoes to their full potential without worrying about wearing them out.