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Couture Care

Our specialist hand-finished service that is tailored to suit the needs of delicate and designer wear.

Couture Care is perfectly suited to garments sewn with extreme attention to detail and finish, made from high quality cloth, delicate embroidery or intricate beadwork. This service is recommended by leading New Zealand fashion designers as well as retailers of high-end local and international labels.

Garments of this quality deserve the highest standard of care and appropriate methods of cleaning. We determine the best possible treatment for each piece based on the make-up of the individual garment. Typically, the cleaning methods of delicate pieces include individual pre-spotting and post-spotting, gentle cleaning cycles at low temperatures, hand pressing, complimentary standard button replacement (where possible), and several levels of quality control. Our legendary attention to detail ensure that ornate buttons and embellishments are protected.

The garments are carefully hung on custom wooden hangers, wrapped with acid free tissue paper (when appropriate). We avoid any unnecessary packaging at Regal, however garments on our Couture Care service can be packaged in an elegant garment bag to protect the pressing, upon request.

Recommended by leading fashion designers

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