Couture CareTM is tailored to the needs of delicate and luxury designer wear.


Regal’s Couture CareTM service is perfectly suited to garments sewn with extreme attention to detail and finish, made from high-quality fabrics, delicate embroidery or intricate beadwork.

This service is recommended by leading local fashion designers, as well as retailers of high-end New Zealand and international labels. Couture Care includes several extra steps and complimentary add-ons to provide your garments the most premium treatment. The surcharge for Couture Care is $12.

Couture Care includes the following features:

  • Luxury designers, silks and heavily embellished items must have a Couture surcharge as more delicate cleaning and handling is required
  • Any delicate or shell buttons, or any embellishments will be removed for cleaning and reattached afterwards at no extra cost, up to 5 buttons/embellishments (retail value $2 per button/embellishment - $10 total)
  • Complimentary trouser rehem, 1 leg (retail value $12)
  • Complimentary light depill of knits and coats (retail value $10)
  • Complimentary light delint of lint, animal hair etc (retail value $10)
  • Extra attention in pressing, including pressing inside lining of suit jackets
  • Additional level of quality control
  • Wooden hangers
  • Garment bags* to protect pressing (retail value $10) *only when requested to minimize wastage

Luxury Designers

These high-end designer brands are examples of those automatically placed through our Couture CareTM service line.

Upon receipt of your garments, our team will make an assessment to determine which items require this service.

The link below will take you to a list of qualifying luxury brands. You can also opt for our Couture CareTM service on any items you deem special.