Art restorers of the fashion world

You needn’t hesitate to wear your favourite garments and luxury footwear or adorn your home with quality textiles. Regal exists to continuously restore the things you love, so they may be forever enjoyed.

Empowering your style.


Obsessed with quality.

We take quality garment care seriously. Our artisans apply years of experience and leading edge technology to ensure every garment is meticulously refreshed. We know how to care for even the most delicate and treasured items in your wardrobe.


Effortlessly convenient.

We strive to create delightful customer experiences. Great service starts with intuitive ordering, seamless interactions and logistics that fit effortlessly into our customers’ lives. With Regal, it’s never been easier to keep your wardrobe refreshed.

Kind to the environment

Kind to the environment.

We help maximise the lifetime of your favourite garments, reducing fast-fashion waste. We care for your garments using efficient biodegradable cleaning technology, fuel-efficient deliveries and minimal packaging. Regal always has and always will be 100% Perchloroethylene free.

Delivery as easy as one, two, three

New Zealand's finest garment care service, direct to your door.



Login to My Regal and place your order for pick-up, online here.



We’ll collect your items for cleaning by experts at our Newmarket facility.



Your items are delivered to you, ready for life’s next adventure.

Our quality is guaranteed.

We pride ourselves on our obsessive attention to detail. If you aren’t satisfied, we aren’t satisfied. So, if you are not completely happy with the cleaning or pressing, let us know upon collection, and our expert team will reprocess your item free of charge. Guaranteed.

Recommended by leading designers

We have many partnerships with local brands, designers, and international retail stores, known as Regal Aftercare. We work with these brands in pre-design through fabric sampling and testing, and during sale through store stock cleaning. Post-purchase many of these designers refer customers to Regal, ensuring every garment is properly cared for after it has left the store.


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We explain why we may send you a text message, what they mean for your garments, and how they reflect Regal's commitment to transparency and quality service.
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Experience the ultimate aftercare partnership

When we have valuable products, from technological devices to vehicles, we tend to look for ‘Authorized Service Providers’ when dealing with repairs and maintenance. If your wardrobe is valuable to you, a similar logic should apply.