We’re obsessed with quality, convenience & sustainability in garment care.

At Regal, our purpose is to never let the messiness of life get in the way of great style.

As a customer of Regal, you needn’t hesitate to wear your favourite garments and luxury footwear or adorn your home with exquisite textiles. We exist to continuously restore the things you love so that they may be forever enjoyed.

We envision a world where meticulously cleaning garments is both effortless and kind to our environment, inspiring the confidence that comes with always living life in style.

Our passion for quality, convenience and sustainability has made us the provider of choice in garment care services for discerning customers everywhere.


Obsessed with quality.

We take quality garment care seriously. Our artisans apply years of experience and leading edge technology to ensure every garment is meticulously refreshed. We know how to care for even the most delicate and treasured items in your wardrobe.


Effortlessly convenient.

We strive to create delightful customer experiences. Great service starts with intuitive ordering, seamless interactions and logistics that fit effortlessly into our customers’ lives. With Regal, it’s never been easier to keep your wardrobe refreshed.

Kind to the environment

Kind to the environment.

We help maximise the lifetime of your favourite garments, reducing fast-fashion waste. We care for your garments using efficient biodegradable cleaning technology, fuel-efficient deliveries and minimal packaging. Regal always has and always will be 100% Perchloroethylene free.

Empowering your style.

zero carbon.

We believe the ultimate clean should be as kind on the environment as it is on your clothing. Regal has become New Zealand’s only certified Zero Carbon drycleaner. We measure and offset 100% of the CO2 emissions from our activities.

New Zealand’s only carbon zero drycleaners.

We’ve committed to reducing our total carbon emissions and doing everything we can to protect our environment and communities.

Reducing our carbon emissions is an important element of our commitment to our footprint; to maximise positive outcomes for our people and communities and reduce environmental harm associated with our work.

There is an urgent need to tackle climate change, and we’re there with you, doing everything we can to protect New Zealand’s environment.

In July 2022, Regal became New Zealand first and only certified Zero Carbon drycleaner.

Specialists at Ekos independently measure and verify Regal’s carbon footprint, consistent with global ISO standards. We use this annual footprint measurement to develop and implement our carbon reduction plan. We then offset any carbon emissions that our team can’t reduce by other means.

Our carbon credits directly support the growth and protection of both local and international permanent indigenous forests.

Establishing and protecting these forests draws down carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, enhances biodiversity, improves water quality, reduces soil loss through erosion, develops climate resilience and provides diversification and sustainable land use opportunities.

Sustainability, at the heart of everything that we do.

Regal crown rev

From using eco-friendly processes to clean your clothes to specialist services that can restore them so they can stay in your wardrobe and not in a landfill – sustainability is central to how we operate in New Zealand.

  • Eco-friendly cleaning

  • Kind to your clothes

  • No unnecessary packaging

  • Restore what you love

Eco-friendly drycleaning that's kind to New Zealand


We are mindful of the impact drycleaning can have on the environment, so we strive to go the extra mile to keep Regal clean and green.

Regal Drycleaners use advanced cleaning methods based on biodegradable components and have also invested heavily in leading-edge European drycleaning technology to achieve this goal.

We are the first and only drycleaner in NZ to fully offset their Carbon Emissions after measuring and reducing. We’re also one of the few drycleaners in New Zealand to solely use a gentle cleaning solution that is both biodegradable and eco-friendly. We always been and always will be 100% Perchloroethylene free at Regal.

Gentle on your garments and free from odour

As well as being environmentally friendly, our cleaning is also garment-friendly. Delicate cleaning solutions allow a greater range of decorated, beaded and delicate garments to be cleaned successfully with the least possible risk.

When garments are cleaned carefully and are not suffering harsh cleaning methods, they will last longer, looking as good as they did when you first bought them, reducing wardrobe turnover.

Plus, unlike other drycleaning methods the process leaves no residual odour on your clothing!


No unnecessary packaging means far less waste


Regal Drycleaners not only care about your clothes but also care about the environment, and so we endeavour to avoid any unnecessary packaging.

If you ever want packaging such as due to the weather, we can pop some bio-film on them upon request – a biodegradable material designed to fully degrade in sunlight. We will also package any delivery orders and long gowns in this biodegradable film where needed.

We have reusable garment bags available for purchase, which do double duty as a laundry bag when flipped upside down. Bring your garments in for cleaning in your laundry bag and we'll flip it into a garment bag to neatly package your cleaned garments ready for collection. Reuse and repeat!

We also encourage the return of any garment hangers and household bags for us to reuse.

Restore the things you love and enjoy them longer

How many times have you thrown out a beloved item because it looks ruined? Pause for a moment before your next disposal, and make sure it cannot be revived. We offer a wide range of restoration services to help resolve all sorts of issues.

Colour enrichment


A colour enrichment service deepens faded colours, that may have lightened over time from washing, sunlight or just age. Colour enrichment works best on dark colours such as black, navy, forest green and maroon, and works great on silky delicate fabrics. Bring your favourite garment back to life with some fresh dark colour.

Delicate Texturiser


A softening treatment for silks and delicate fabrics that have gone stiff from an accidental trip to the washing machine. Just because you (or your partner…) washed that expensive silk dress does not mean it’s a complete write-off. There may still be hope, and a delicate dryclean and texturiser service can re-soften fabrics back to their slinky state.

Oxy Whitening Treatment

Oxy Whitening

Our clever oxy treatment whitens your whites again, getting rid of that odd off-white tinge they get over time. Great for yellowed, grubby, tanned, make up soiled garments, or just whites that have been in the wardrobe too long. This treatment can be used on all sorts of garments from blazers, to business shirts, linen and sheets.

Steam De-Shrink


Nobody likes shrinkage. If something comes out of the wash a few sizes smaller, this can often still be salvaged. Many fabrics can be revived using our professional steam relaxation service.

Stain Removal


It sounds obvious, but we’ve heard too many stories about garments that were written off from mould, red wine, or worse. You would not believe what can be removed in the hands of Regal’s magicians. Even something as simple as that oily spot that will not come out no matter how many times you wash it? Hand it over to us, and we’ll take care of it.

Repairs & Alterations

Repairs &

Just because something is damaged; the zip is broken, or the button came off does not mean you need to go shopping (unless you really want to, we get it!). You can have it mended with Regal and back to the front of your wardrobe for wear in no time.



Give your rain jacket or windbreaker a revival for winter with our reproofing service, which adds a reproof layer, considered to be ‘shower proof’.



A de-smelling treatment for garments with strong odours. An oxygenation process is used in a treatment cabinet, to extract smells that will not come out in a clean. Musty, smoky, old garments can be worn again after this treatment!

Dye run treatments

Dye run

How many garments have been ruined in the wash and had to throw out? Regal have treatments that are specifically for extracting loose dyes that may have bled through a garment.



If you accidentally wash your clothes with your towels, or if your cat finds a home in your washing pile, or your knit is covered in bobbles that seem to multiply every try to pick them off… feel free to give us the chore of cleaning it up. We use knit combs, pumice, sweater stones, depill machines and lint rollers to reverse any frustrating lint and pills that you don’t have time to waste on.