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Happy birthday to us!

It is our Ponsonby store’s first birthday, and we’re ready to celebrate!

Over the next two months, we are going to be running Picture Your Purchase, a giveaway where you can show us what you’re buying this summer! Then on December 15th we are going to give one lucky person a $1000 gift card for our Regal Drycleaners Ponsonby store.

If you like to shop in Ponsonby as much as we do, you can enter by taking a picture of your purchase and sending it through to us or tagging us online. We’re encouraging you to treat yourself and get ready for the party season. If you needed an excuse to go get that new outfit you’ve been eyeing up, consider this it! Not only will you have some amazing new outfits, you might get $1000 to go towards our garment care services to clean, restore and preserve your new clothes to help them survive the party season. Maybe you can finally justify getting that stunning white outfit that you know you can’t keep white without our help.

Any retail store in Ponsonby is eligible, so get tagging! Find us at @regaldrycleanersnz and the terms and conditions here.

The care label that actually cares

The care label that actually cares

Here at Regal, we get to see all of the beautiful new season garments all year round. But what happens to them after the first couple of wears? The average woman wears just 20% of her wardrobe. Is 80% of your collection languishing at the back of the closet?

As supporters of the sustainable fashion industry (but also supporters of shopping!) we have decided to launch a charity initiative, The Care Label That Actually Cares. It is all about giving those unloved items a second life while also supporting a great cause, Dove Hospice.

In this new collaboration, garments can be dropped at any of our stores, and we will happily donate them to Dove Hospice. Even better, we will take garments in need of some TLC and spruce them up ready for their next home. We hope this will be an easy and guilt-free way to donate the old and make room for the new!

We hope to contribute what we can to the cause, minimise the wearable garments going to the landfills, and take your old clothes so you can make room for exciting new pieces! If you would like to know more about the great work Dove Hospice does, you can find out more at

So no more stuffed to the brim wardrobes, or guilty piles in the car boot waiting to go past a store or clothing bin! Bring your old, gently worn garments on your next trip to us, and we will take care of the rest at no cost.

Welcome to the new Regal Blog!

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

We have created this blog as a platform to keep you up to date with us and what’s happening behind the scenes. We’ll also share all our tips, tricks and expert knowledge on how to care for your wardrobe!

We can’t wait to share our team’s wealth of knowledge and expertise with you. We hope to bring you posts that let you in on all our exciting projects, as well as interesting articles to help you care for your garments.

Thank you for joining us and hope you enjoy!

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