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The Ultimate Aftercare Partnership

When we have valuable products, from technological devices to vehicles, we tend to look for ‘Authorized Service Providers’ when dealing with repairs and maintenance. If your wardrobe is valuable to you, a similar logic should apply.

Client care partnerships

Regal have client care partnerships with local brands, bridal designers, and international retail stores in New Zealand. This partnership is utilized both pre-design through fabric sampling and testing, during sale through store stock cleaning, and post-purchase by referring customers to Regal to ensure that the garment is properly cared for after it has left the store. Unfortunately, many fast-fashion garments nowadays can be made to sell rather than made to service. Our fashion partners are designing and creating garments that they know will last and to ensure this, the aftercare of those garments needs to match the quality and care that went into creating it in the first place.

Fabric testing

Many of our fashion partners send fabric samples for complimentary testing over and over until they are sure the fabrics are do not bleed, fade, or damage. This means, we are experienced with dealing with these fabrics to provide the best after-care, and it means the designers are not just using any old fabric off the shelf. The designers we work with make sure fabrics are colour-fast, have been pre-shrunk if needed, and can withstand proper delicate cleaning processes. One of the biggest problems on garments nowadays is incorrect care instructions, as the label may say to dryclean, but the manufacturer has used a component or a dye or a trim that is not drycleanable. This is not intentional, but it happens all the time as it is not only important to test individual components of a garment, but how they actually work together. After testing to determine potential texture change, colour fading, bleeding or shrinkage results after a clean, we often give advice on suitable care label instructions and symbols, to assist in the creation of a product that can be cared for in the long run.

Before and after care

As part of this partnership we also clean and care for store stock of many of your favourite brands, retail stores and bridal showrooms, so that when you purchase a garment you know it is in perfect condition (without some makeup around the neckline!) Then after the garment is sold, the real work begins. It is now in our hands to service and maintain the garment for many years to come. Over time, if needed, this can even involve working together with the designer again on a garment sold years ago, if ever an embellishment or button falls off, or if we need to discuss advice/risks with them or get garment specific information.

Sustainable fashion

As well as creating high quality fashion, so many local fashion designers go the extra mile to produce sustainable fashion in other ways. We love Karen Walker’s Dove Hospice initiative, where they take pre-loved, donated garments and give them a Karen Walker magic touch (after a Regal spruce up of course). Designers and brands that choose to use Regal for cleaning their garments also show that they place a real importance on how their fashion is cared for and are choosing to have it cleaned in the most sustainable way, and by the best in the industry.

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