It’s not all lost: Restoring your favourite garments

Next time you have a washing machine mishap, or an impossible-to-remove stain don’t just give up and go shopping. Our restoration services can bring your garments back to life.

Colour enrichment

A colour enrichment service deepens faded colours, that may have lightened over time from washing, sunlight or just age. Colour enrichment works best on dark colours such as black, navy, forest green and maroon, and works great on silky delicate fabrics. Bring your favourite garment back to life with some fresh dark colour.

Stain removal

It sounds obvious, but we have heard too many stories about garments that were written off from mold, red wine, or worse. You would not believe what can be removed in the hands of Regal’s magicians. Even something as simple as that oily spot that will not come out no matter how many times you wash it? Hand it over to us and we will take care of it.

Before (left) and After (right) stain removal treatment
Before (left) and After (right) stain removal treatment
Oxy whitening
Before (left) and After (right) Oxy whitening treatment


A softening treatment for silks and delicate fabrics, that have gone stiff from an accidental trip to the washing machine. Just because you (or your partner) washed that expensive silk dress does not mean it’s a complete write-off. There may still be hope, and a delicate dryclean and texturiser service can re-soften fabrics back to their slinky state.

Oxy whitening treatment

The name says it all. This treatment whitens your whites again, getting rid of that odd off-white tinge that they get over time. Great for yellowed, grubby, tanned, make up soiled garments, or just whites that have been in the wardrobe too long. This treatment can be used on all sorts of garments from blazers, to business shirts, to linen and sheets.


A de-smelling treatment for garments with strong odours. An oxygenation process is used in a treatment cabinet, to extract smells that will not come out in a clean. Musty, smoky, old garments can be worn again after this treatment!

Repairs and alterations

Just because something is damaged, the zip is broken, or the button fell off does not justify a shopping spree. Get it mended and back to the front of your wardrobe for wear.


If something comes out of the wash a few sizes smaller, this can still be salvaged. Many fabrics have the ability to be revived, using steam relaxation techniques.

Before (left) and After (right) shrinkage treatment (yes, that is the same garment!)
dye run treatment
Before (left) and After (right) dye run treatment

Dye run treatment

How many garments have been ruined in the wash and had to throw out? Regal have treatments that are specifically for extracting loose dyes that may have bled through a garment.

Delinting and depilling

If you accidentally wash your clothes with your towels, or if your cat finds a home in your washing pile, or your knit is covered in bobbles that seem to multiply every try to pick them off… feel free to give us the chore of cleaning it up. We use knit combs, pumice, sweater stones, depill machines and lint rollers to reverse any frustrating lint and pills that you don’t have time to waste on.

So, don’t throw that item out yet, whether it’s been washed incorrectly and has bled or stiffened, or if something was spilt that you thought was beyond saving, or time and age have faded and discoloured. Using restoration treatments can renew your wardrobe and ensure your fashion choices are remaining sustainable. As designer Yvonne Bennetti has said “Regal are the art restorers of the fashion world”.