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After Your Big Day

Wedding season is officially upon us!

Here at Regal we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of beautiful gowns to clean and press for you. We understand the importance of getting your gown the best aftercare to ensure it is as beautiful as ever, for as long as possible. Feel free to bring your gown into any of our locations, where our customer service team will happily take them in.

Our specialist bridal team at our Newmarket location will swiftly inspect the gown head to toe to ensure the most effective clean. Each wedding gown is quoted after looking at the complexity, volume, soiling and any special requirements

We tailor each clean to fit the needs of your specific dress. Cleaning processes include the use of eco-friendly solutions which allows a greater range of decorated, beaded & delicate garments to be cleaned successfully with the least possible risk.

It is important you clean your dress after wearing as although it may look clean, over time marks that once went unnoticed will begin to yellow. Stains that have caramelized into fabric are much harder to tackle than new marks.

To top off our wedding service, we also offer two museum quality preservation options! You have the choice between muslin gown bag or museum quality storage box. Muslin gown bags are perfect for smaller, lighter gowns and wardrobe storage. Whereas the museum quality box is suited for bigger, more complex garments and shelf storage. The boxing option has your dress wrapped in acid free tissue paper and muslin fabric, which is then placed in a box and wrapped again in a muslin bag. Proper preservation will also slow down the aging process for your dress.

Preserve your gown, preserve your memories.

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