Tarrago Factory
Sneakers Kit

The best selection of products for the cleaning and protection of the sneakers.


Kit includes:

  • 1 Tarrago Sneakers Cleaner 125ml
  • 1 Tarrago Sneakers Protector 125ml
  • 1 Sneakers Brush
  • 1 Shoe Duster

Sneakers Cleaner

The Tarrago Sneakers Cleaner is a colourless foaming cleaning solution with high power to clean deeply any kind of sneakers.
Cleans effectively without damaging the original texture or modifying the original colour. It conditions and deodorizes your sneakers leaving a pleasant and delicate fragrance.
Suitable for all kinds of sneakers of smooth and synthetic leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, vinyl, fabric, knit, mesh, sneakers with mixed materials and more.

Sneakers Protector

Helps to prevent water from soaking into the sneakers, and protects from rain, oil, and snow.
Water and dirt repellant, prevents from any damage to the leather or fabrics
Colourless preparation helps to prevent water from soaking into the footwear or clothing.
Does not affect breathability. Suitable for leather, synthetic leather, oiled leather, suede, nubuck, fabric and micro fibres.

Sneakers Brush

A brush with a beech wood handle, and medium synthetic bristles, that will help you to remove the most difficult stains.

Shoe Duster

For achieving a high shine, made from 100% natural cotton. Use also to apply creams and polishes.