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Eco friendly drycleaning

Kinder to the planet...

We are mindful of the impact drycleaning can have on the environment, so we strive to go the extra mile to keep Regal clean and green! Regal Drycleaners use advanced cleaning methods based on biodegradable components and have also invested heavily in leading edge European drycleaning technology to achieve this goal. Regal are one of the few drycleaners to solely use a gentle cleaning solution that is both biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Kinder to your clothes

As well as being environmentally-friendly, this approach is also garment-friendly. This process is widely regarded as a gentle drycleaning option which allows a greater range of decorated, beaded & delicate garments to be cleaned successfully with the least possible risk. Although it costs us more, it means your clothes receive hand-finished attention, leaving them looking better and lasting longer than ever. Plus, not only does this innovation give us significant environmental advantages over other drycleaning technologies but the process leaves no residual odour on your clothing!

Bio degradable packaging

Regal Drycleaners not only care about your clothes but also care about the environment and are the first drycleaner in New Zealand to use eco-friendly packaging. We protect our garments using bio-film – a biodegradable material designed to fully degrade in sunlight. Whilst this is more expensive to us than traditional plastic film, we believe contributing non-degradable plastic waste on thousands of garments per week would have a detrimental effect on our environment long term.

Another environmental contribution well supported by our customers is the recycling of garment hangers and Couture Care garment bags. This allows our customers who arent going to reuse their garment bags the option to allow us to recycle these thereby minimising landfill wastage.

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